NatureMill Pro Edition Composter

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Product: NatureMill Pro Edition Composter
Retailer: Amazon
Color: Black
brand: NatureMill

NatureMill PRO Automatic Composter, Black

Even the most urban dweller can compost with our easy-to-use, fully automatic indoor composter. Our system takes the back-breaking work out of composting, and accepts up to 5 lbs. of food waste per day which creates nutrient-rich soil.

  • Sleek design crafted from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene and food-grade stainless steel
  • Heavy duty capacity turns food waste into compost in approx. two weeks
  • Starter kit includes baking soda and sawdust pellets
  • Carbon filter retains odors
  • Features a vacation mode to conserve energy and optimize heat and mixing for curing
  • Convenient foot pedal allows hands-free operation
  • All stainless steel internal components ensure long term use
  • Runs on 10 watts of power
  • Complete instructions included