Natural Reed Basket

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Product: Natural Reed Basket
Retailer: Conran Shop

Baskets are some of Terence’s ‘favorite things’. The Inspiration book includes images of traditional fishermen’s baskets, English log baskets and woven fish traps made by the Kuvirondo women in Kenya.

Sculptural shape is key to all the baskets featured in the book. A South African sculptor has taken shape to an extreme and produced these unusual Design Afrika Xhosa gourd baskets. Wire frames are created by the sculptor in Capetown. The shapes are then put on a bus to the Eastern Cape, getting bent and beaten up along the way. The weavers don’t straighten out the kinks in the wire frames and simply weave baskets over the frames as they find them. This gives the baskets their unique and textured appearance which is all the more amazing because of their scale up to 3 feet high. Three shapes are available online.