Muuto – Hang Around Cooking Tools

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Product: Muuto – Hang Around Cooking Tools
Retailer: Connox
brand: Muuto
Color: Natural

The Hang Around cooking tools from Muuto unify form, function and traditional craftsmanship. The precise and simple design from KiBiSi ensures modern appearance and high functionality. The cooking cutlery consists of a cooking spoon and a spatula.

The slit in the back of the cutlery enables to hang both objects at the border from pots and pans. Thanks to this deposit possibility you have free hands and sauces and other liquids wont soil the working area.

Hang Around consists of clear birch wood. Hand Around is also available as salad cutlery.

L: 28.4 cm, weight: 250 g, material: birch wood, colour: Birch natural.