Murchison-Hume 17oz Boys Bathroom Cleaner

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Product: Murchison-Hume 17oz Boys Bathroom Cleaner
Retailer: Mill Mercantile

 Australian White Grapefruit

  • Made in the USA
  • A cleaner for the bathroom that works hard, but plays nice. After robust bathroom action, spritz a little in the air
  • Biodegradable and pet safe
  • Lightly scented with fragrant and essential oils
  • 17 oz

More than just another pretty label. Murchison-Hume organic based cleaning products are designed to be the finest, most safe & effective housecleaning products on Earth. Based on colloidal technology (the same technology used to clean up the ocean after an oil spill) it works better than harsh alternatives but is safe to use and non polluting.