Mt. Lebanon Shaker Work Tables

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Product: Mt. Lebanon Shaker Work Tables
Retailer: Shaker Workshops

Mt. Lebanon Shaker Work Tables

It’s massive construction–with mortise-and-tenon joints, and its generous top (a full 1 1/4″ thick)–with breadboard ends pinned in to prevent warping, have stood up after decades of daily use. Wooden wheels are fixed in place by a small metal pin, to be taken out when the table is moved for cleaning. Useful as a conference table, dining table, or desk. We make the Mt. Lebanon Work Table entirely of solid clear cherry.

Available as an unfinished kit and a “made to order” finished piece.

Kit is supplied with Oil Finish, rather than stain, to bring out the natural color of the cherry wood.

Prices range from $1190.00 to $2760.00