Mountain Tea

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Product: Mountain Tea
Retailer: KIOSK
  • approx. 40 grams
  • Wild Sideritis

Harvested in the mountains of the Peloponnese, Sideritis, or mountain tea, was the item most requested by friends and customers when they heard we were going to Greece. Common in the Mediterranean area, but most commonly used in Greece, mountain tea also goes by the name ironwort, and sideritis translates from Greek as “he who is or has the iron.” From my contemporary perspective, I assumed the plant was therefore loaded in iron; however, the name goes back to ancient times when it was known as a remedy for wounds caused by iron weapons. Coming back to this day and age, I’ve noticed that scientists are starting to agree with the age-old opinion that sideritis is a panacea. Studies have shown it is effective against everything from the common cold to cancer. It’s no wonder so many people asked for it. Make as you would any herbal tea, adjusting the ratio of tea to water as you please. Steep for 10 minutes. Tastes a bit like thyme blended with camomile, and can be slightly bitter, depending on how long you let it brew.