Moroccan “Zellij” Side Table – Clear Stone

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Product: Moroccan “Zellij” Side Table – Clear Stone
Retailer: Mui Ma

Contemporary style square Moroccan mosaic table, unique look both indoors and out.

Tiles are carefully inlaid by hand on a concrete base and black iron frame. With folding legs Iron.

  • Mosaic Color: Clear Stone
  • Mosaic Design: Tile Squares
  • Size: 40cm x 40cm // 15,8in x 15,8in
  • Legs Size: 40cm // 15,8in
  • Table frame: square Iron
  • Folding Legs: Iron
  • Metal Finish: Rustic black

All of the Moroccan Mosaic Zellij is produced in the historic city of Fez. Starting with the clay of Fez, the impurities are extracted first, then the clay is mixed until homogenous, cast into square tiles, and left to dry in the fiery sun. Once dry, the mosaic tiles are smoothed, rendered flat, and dipped in colored enamel. The enamel is made of natural minerals such as tin, zink, and copper. The mosaic tiles are then kiln-baked. The Moroccan mosaic artisan begins by hand-cutting the 2″x2″ square piece of tile into the desired shape.