Monochrome Home

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Product: Monochrome Home
Designer: Hilary Robertson

Elegant Interiors in Black and White

Hilary Robertson

Discover how to decorate your interiors in black, white, and every shade of grey in between, to create a home that is elegant and eternally chic.

White loves black. Black loves white. Exploiting their symbiotic relationship builds an interior that is timeless, flexible, practical and liberating. Sought-after interiors stylist Hilary Robertson explores the exciting opportunities of a monochrome home, with enchanting photography by Pia Ulin and case studies of 13 beautiful and inspiring homes.

Begin by looking at five different monochrome schemes with dramatic mood boards and tips for achieving each effect. Next, Hilary examines the two ends of the spectrum, in chapters called Let there be Light and The Dark Room, with examples of successful and stylish spaces. Finally, visit the homes of artist, architects and designers across the globe to see how this monochrome look can be modernized, personalized and celebrated. Whether you are charmed by the brightness of a white room or captivated by the glamour of darker palettes, this wonderful guide to the monochrome home will help you to create simply stunning interiors yourself.

Hilary Robertson is a well-known interiors stylist and journalist with an illustrious client list that includes Canvas, Ochre, Elle Decoration, Vogue Living, and the Telegraph Magazine. Also a talented writer, Hilary wrote the text for Josephine Ryan’s ‘French Home’ (978-1-84975-357-9) and is the author of ‘The Stuff of Life’ (978-1-84975-505-4), both of which are published by Ryland Peters & Small. Hilary lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son.