Momostenango Rug Large

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Product: Momostenango Rug Large
Retailer: Grain
Color: Natural

Handwoven by artisan weavers in the Western Highlands of Guatemala using locally sourced virgin wool.

The cream and beige colors are derived from the natural color of the sheep in this region.

This flat woven and durable rug is perfect for a living room, bedroom or entryway. Colors vary slightly. Rug pad recommended.

  • Color: Natural / Tan 
  • Material: 100% Guatemalan wool. 


  • Small Height: 72 in / 182.9 cm
  • Small Width: 48 in / 121.9 cm
  • Large Height: 120 in / 304.8 cm
  • Large Width: 72 in / 182.9 cm

Prices range from $625.00 to $850.00