Mizu Bottle with Binchotan Purifying Stick

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Product: Mizu Bottle with Binchotan Purifying Stick
Retailer: Generate
Designer: Sort of Coal

An industrial glass water bottle bottle and a piece of handcrafted Kishu Binchotan – everything you need to begin your new ritual of turning tap water into pleasant tasting mineral water.

Binchotan adsorbs chlorine from tap water (by up to 75%), softening it and improving its taste, while also adding minerals, such as potassium and magnesium.

Comes with 1 purifying stick and glass bottle. Packaged in a gift box.

  • Materials: Kishu Binchotan is a stick of White Charcoal. This is the highest grade of charcoal available with an extremely high carbon content. White Charcoal gets its unlikely name from the manufacturing process it goes through. The raw material is a particularly hard Japanese oak called Holm oak that grows in the mountain forests of the Kishu area in Japan where it is organically produced and handcrafted using ancient craft traditions.
  • Dimensions: Kishu Binchotan: Dia .6″ x L 7″ (approx.), Bottle: Dia 4.75″ x H 11″, Vol 34 oz.
  • Specifications: The Binchotan is effective for one month of daily use. After one month (or when it develops a dull, greyish, surface), it is time to replace it with a new, mineral-rich Binchotan.