Minox Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

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Product: Minox Stainless Steel Water Dispenser
Retailer: WaterCheck.biz

Now you can store and dispense your water … in style.

Our Minox NSF Certified Stainless Steel Water Dispenser Fusti 5 Liter is imported from Italy, manufactured by the world class MINOX SRL, and is made of the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel.  Our classically designed Minox Stainless Steel Water Dispensers offer convenient, lightweight water transport, as well as stylish countertop or refrigerator dispensing. Ideal for the home, office, summer cottage, picnics, tailgate parties, RV, boating and camping.

All our Minox Fusti Water Stainless Steel Water Dispensers are NSF Certified, ANSI Certified, and SCC (Standards Council of Canada) Certified. In fact, our Minox Fusti Water Dispensers are the only NSF Certified Fustis available on the market today.

That means they are safe to dispense your water, or whatever other liquid you decide to dispense.

The top of our Minox NSF Certified Stainless Steel Water Dispenser, also known as a fusti, (‘steel drum’ in Italian) is reminiscent of antique milk cans and has a large screw top opening. The dispenser top can remain closed for dispensing because of the built in screw air vent. The vent allows air in without contamination.