Menu’s Afteroom Chair

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Product: Menu’s Afteroom Chair
Designer: Afteroom
Retailer: Dwell
brand: Menu
he Afteroom Chair was the first chair produced by Menu, and it is defined by its three-legged frame. Although a cohesive piece, the chair has an unexpectedly deconstructed aesthetic. The seat appears to float away from the backrest, and while the thin legs are echoed in the chair’s back, they look distinct from each other. The resulting chair is a balance between function and fluidity–the use of each element is clear, while the chair so obviously works as a cohesive furnishing. The chair is comprised of both steel and wood, but the chair appeals uniform. The wood is used in the seat and backrest, adding flexibility to an otherwise rigid seat. The flat seat doubles as a side table in a pinch, making the Afteroom Chair a versatile furnishing that can be used on its own or alongside other pieces of the Afteroom collection.

  • Item Number: #11920
  • Dimensions: 30″ H x 21.25″ W x 17″ D
  • Materials: Steel, wood
  • Made in: Bulgaria