Medium Pyocotan

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Product: Medium Pyocotan
Designer: Misa Kumabuchi
Retailer: OEN
Color: White

A wonderful object made by Mushimegane Books, it's called a Pyocotan and is basically a vessel that can either be used to store small items or as a decorative element in a room.

The shape looks like a small foot and is made out of porcelain, so as the light catches the side wall you start to see its transparency and luminosity. The most ingenius use I've personally seen for it is to grow plants out of them, but you could also place tea lights inside or small sweets, either way you're sure to get some interesting effects and it would look nice on a desk or a window shelf.

This particular Pyocotan comes in a White Sand colour, a pure porcelain colour with little brown flecks here and there from sand placed into the mixture. These aren't too noticeable until further inspection.

Approx Measurements: 5cm in height x 8cm in diameter