Martini Spa Ceramic Humidifiers

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Product: Martini Spa Ceramic Humidifiers
Retailer: Gracious Home
brand: Martini Spa

Take a deep breath in and exhale freely with the Martini Spa Ceramic Humidifiers Collection. These truly one-of-a-kind ceramic objects were designed as real pieces of furniture, with the function of humidifiers.

Born as an idea by Fulvio Martini, owner of Martini Spa, this collection was designed to be representative of the quality of a simple and useful product. These humidifiers not only add a stylish elegance to your home décor, they improve the quality of air in closed environments by supplying just the right level of humidity.
The humidity is in fact obtained through the natural evaporation of water, which occurs when the ceramic humidifier is placed near the heat emanating from the radiator is it placed upon.

  • Made in Italy
  • Ceramic with a non-toxic glaze