Love Birds

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Product: Love Birds
Retailer: Bindle

‘Love is in the air’ or so the song goes! love and all things romantic combine to make this a heartfelt Bindle. Pop the lid on an Innocent Bystander Moscato to celebrate being with someone special. Power To Make interlocking tea light candle holder with BlackMilk tea light candles help set the mood. Stylish Amber matches in a jar will help get the fire of love lit whilst Write To Me thank you cards will help you to say thank you to all those people who you believe to be special. This is a Bindle for someone who enjoys romantic moments.

This Bindle contains:

  • ‘Plain and Simple’ Amber jar Matches
  • ‘Power to Make’ Interlocking Tea light candle holder
  • ‘Write to Me’ Thank You Cards
  • BlackMilk soy way Tea Light Candles
  • Innocent Bystander Moscato