Loom Rugs

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Product: Loom Rugs
Retailer: Koskela
brand: Koskela

Koskela is the exclusive distributor for Loom Rugs and Textiles in New South Wales.

Loom Carpets and Rugs sources and makes rugs in their family business based in Turkey. Many of the rugs are able to be made in custom sizes (other than the vintage rugs which are one off rugs).

The main types of rugs are:

Old Yarn Kilims : These Kilims are made from vintage kilim threads which are unraveled, washed and then re-woven by hand into contemporary designs. The vintage threads are chosen for their quality and their colours.

Hepsi rugs & kilims : “Hepsi” means a little bit of everything. These kilims and rugs are made from vintage rugs which are cut into sections, pieced together and handsewn together using jute thread. They are backed, providing additional stability.

Dhoku : The Dhoku range are flat weave rugs made using natural wool fibres and come in a range of patterns and sizes.

Vintage rugs : The vintage rugs are one off rugs sourced from all over Turkey and neighbouring countries. They
include the Ben Ourain Berber rugs and vintage rag rugs.