Llot Llov’s Ray Graphit

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Product: Llot Llov’s Ray Graphit
Retailer: Llot Llov
brand: Llot Llov
Designer: Llot Llov

Ray hangs on to things, wraps objects together, follows the user to where it is needed, forming sculptures as it goes. In this way, the lamp combines the essentials of llot llov, who always aim to involve the user as a designer.

Ray’s lampshade and the 12 metres of cable are covered by knitted merino wool. Due to this choice of material, RAY has an air of homeliness despite its modern style. It is intended to serve as a main source of light over a dinner table or in the designated reading corner. Used as a wall mounted lamp, winding lamp, knotted or just lightly slung over the back of a chair- this lamp is made to create lighting space on a high aesthetic level whilst providing complete flexibility in adjusting to ones personal changing needs. This advancement of Matt with its domed shade construction can be placed on the floor lying down or standing up. Depending on direction and the individual structure of the woollen shade, the light situation in the room can be varied to ones liking.

The Production : The cage of the shade is made in Portugal. The yarns used for Ray are imported from Italy and knitted in Bavaria. A computerized knitting machine produces the knitted cable-cover of the light. The electric pieces are first put together, then threaded through the knit-ware by disabled people in a Berlin workshop (Vfj Werkstätten).

The Yarn : The Merino yarn used on Matt is 100% pure. It is won from the coat of Merino sheep. In its structure, it is smooth and hardly hairy. The knitting is soft and dense.

The Colours : The different yarns are chosen in different colours in order to enhance the meaning of colour through the use of material. Available styles of Ray therefore not only differ in nuances of colour, but also in the differentiation of material.

  • Ray – a knitted light      
  • Material : merino wool, steel cage
  • Colour : graphit
  • Socket : E27
  • Light-bulb : MEGAMAN® Globe
  • Performance : 110 watt
  • Energy consumption : 23 watt
  • Cable : í˜ 15 x 12000 mm
  • Socket : í˜ 330 x 300mm
  • Weight : 3,5 kg
  • Made : in Germany