Llot Llov Knitted Lamp

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Product: Llot Llov Knitted Lamp
Retailer: Llot Llov
brand: Llot Llov
Designer: Llot Llov

It is a knitted lighting element with the ability to dynamically adapt itself according to the individual needs of its user, changing its appearance with the place of installation. Hung as a single piece, knotted in a group or set on a hook on the wall: Matt simply fits into the scene of its placement, flexibly draping itself to the shape and situation of a room. The fluffy woven fabric of the knitting hides the sober technology within (like cables and socket) and evokes the impression of ropes meeting and melting into each other. The energy-saving bulb used for Matt radiates a warm, glowing light.

Product Category: pendant light
Material: merino wool
Socket: e27 with on/off switch
Performance: 30 watt
Energy Consumption: 6 watt
Cable: 1200 cm
Colour: mouse
Made in: germany
Weight: 2.10
Designer: llot llov
Availability: In Stock