Linea Switchplates

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Product: Linea Switchplates
Retailer: HPM Pty Ltd.
brand: HPM Pty Ltd.

An icon of the Australian electrical industry, HPM is committed to forging the development of modern electrical systems for domestic and commercial use. Trusted by electricians, the HPM brand denotes quality, safety and reliability.

HPM’s latest product suite includes: switches; powerpoints; sensors; home networking systems; TV, data and phone outlets; door entry systems; extension leads; powerboards; timers; door chimes; and garden lighting.

Linea celebrates the use of colour for expressing individual style. We've expanded the colour palette of electrical accessories to give you more opportunities to invigorate your home interior themes. In addition to the base colours of Black, cream and white, we've developed three unique cover plate collections: Soft-Touch Brights, Soft-Touch Earths, and Metallics.

Mix and match Linea cover plates and base colours to suit your own style. It's all about flexibility through colour – change colour as often as you like to suit your environment, just like a chameleon.

With a super slim profile, all Linea products blend beautifully into wall surfaces and Ihe unique Soft-Touch cover plates are simply a delight to touch with their beautiful suede-like feel.