Line Depping & Wrong For Hay’s Hook

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Product: Line Depping & Wrong For Hay’s Hook
Retailer: A R
Designer: Line Depping

Inspired by the curvilinear lines of bentwood furniture, Hook by Copenhagen-based Line Depping is made from a single strip of steamed natural ash with no visible hardware. Hook works equally well for casually tossed single articles of clothing or garments on hangers. And it happens to look stunning lined up in multiples as it was originally displayed at Mindcraft, the annual European exhibition of innovative Danish design. Part of a new venture, Wrong for Hay, a collaboration between U.K.-based designer Sebastian Wrong and the cutting-edge Denmark design house. Focused on both emerging and established talent, it offers an engaging take on decorative objects as well as furniture.

  • Size: 10.5″ h x 8.5″ w x 7.25″ d (26.7×21.5×18.2cm)
  • Material: Precompressed ash wood