Light Years Calabash Silver P3 Pendant

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Product: Light Years Calabash Silver P3 Pendant
Designer: Cecilie Manz
brand: Lightyears
Color: Silver

Calabash is real craftmanship from interior to exterior. The organic form and the special chrome lacquered and iridescent surface gives the Calabash pendant a unique expression. The Calabash pendant creates atmosphere and is presents itself beautifully in clusters. The pendants are suitable for both cafes, restaurants, shops and in the private home, where a spectacular interior decoration is desired.

The shades are produced in drawn steel and appears in a chrome lacquer that reflects the surroundings and unites the room. Calabash has a reflector that increases the down light, and it emits a warm and glare-free light. The black closely woven textile cable creates a nice contrast to the shiny chrome lacquer.

Lamp: 1 x 100watt E27