Lena Rewell Mohair Wool Blanket Stone

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Product: Lena Rewell Mohair Wool Blanket Stone
Designer: Lena Rewell
Retailer: Tiina the Store

Luxurious hand-made Lena Rewell mohair wool blanket Stone in three subtle shades of grey. Made in Finland.

  • 51″X71″ / 130X180 cm (+fringes)

Lena Rewell graduated in the Institute of Industrial Arts in 1960. She set up her own company in 1963. For the designer, mohair was always a passion and her hand-woven travel plaids made her famous. The name Lena Rewell is synonymous with exclusive fluffy handmade mohair plaids with hand-formed fringes. The luxurious mohair wool blankets are still hand-made in Finland and Lena is in the lead, using her unique spinning techniques and impeccable eye for color.