Last Stools

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Product: Last Stools
brand: Discipline
Designer: Max Lamb
Retailer: Max Lamb

stackable stool in copper or enamelled steel in various colours. For Discipline, Italy

A lightweight, stackable stool spun from a single sheet of metal. The ribbed detail provides a positive hand grip for lifting and moving and allows multiple stools to be stacked safely and economically. Available in polished copper or enamelled steel in a variety of colours. Last Stool is designed to be functional, elegant, restrained, and the materials chosen to endure the rigours of everyday use.

Last Stool takes its name from the mandrel used by a shoemaker to form a flat piece of leather into the shape of a foot, whilst describing a product that is built to last.

Metal spinning is a process by which a thin disc of metal known as a blank is rotated at high speed on a lathe and moulded into a three-dimensional form by pressing it over a mandrel with a steel roller.