Last Stool

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Product: Last Stool
brand: Discipline
Retailer: Hem
Designer: Max Lamb

The Last stool was created by English industrial designer Max Lamb and shows his trademark economic, uncomplicated approach. Spun from a single sheet of brass or copper, the stool has a ribbed section to provide grip for easy lifting and easy stacking. Due to it’s polished finish, this stool will age beautifully over time to become a truly unique, patinated home objet d’art – elegant yet functional.

Max Lamb is a modern furniture designer whose sensibility is informed by his knowledge of manufacturing techniques, respect for materials and skill as a craftsman. A native of England, Lamb began tinkering with furniture and other objects at an early age, leading to an M.A. at the Royal College of Art and the 2008 Designer of the Future Award at Design Miami/Basel. Wonderfully curious, Lamb explores and recontextualizes traditional and innovative materials and processes, creating pieces that possess an attractive, interesting simplicity. His

Last Stool (2011) is made by rotating a metal blank on a lathe and pressing it over a mandrel with a roller to mold it into a 3-D shape. It features a ribbed detail on top that provides a positive handhold for easy moving and stacking. Lamb conceived the enameled steel version as he sipped from an enameled steel cup while chatting with a fellow designer. This stool is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Made in Italy.

Materials : Enameled steel or polished copper.