Laptop Sleeve

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Product: Laptop Sleeve
Retailer: Byrd And Belle

15 Inch Laptop Sleeve – Grey Wool Felt and Black Leather

This modern and simple sleeve is made of 1/8″ thick felted gray wool offering great protection for your laptop. Snug fit and modern closure design with heavy duty graphite snaps. Leather patch at the bottom makes it comfortable to carry. Original design by Byrd & Belle.

Felted material is 100% wool felt and is around 1/8″ thick. This high quality felt is a sustainable and renewable material and offers strength while remaining soft to the touch.

Leather straps and patch are hand-dyed here in the studio using environmentally friendly, low v.o.c. dyes. Each piece is handled and studied and minor variations in texture and color, though they are slight, are part of the unique character of each piece.

This sleeve fits the new 15″ unibody Macbook Pros which are 14.35″ x 9.82″ x .95″. Custom-sizes are possible. Please contact me with your model number to see if your laptop is a good candidate.