Ladies & Gentlemen’s Maru Hand Mirror

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Product: Ladies & Gentlemen’s Maru Hand Mirror
Retailer: A R

This sparest of hand mirrors stands on its own. We mean that both in its gorgeous form and practical function. It stands on its own thanks to the weighted PaperStone or Corian base at the handle tip. A 1/4″ thick mirror is backed in brass. The cylindrical handle is wood sheathed in brass or copper.

Ladies & Gentleman Studio is Jean Lee and Dylan Davis. The couple founded their multidisciplinary studio in Seattle in 2010 with a mission of “playful explorations in materiality.” Their combinations in ceramic, copper, Corian, brass and wood have an otherworldly sensibility, somewhere between the past and future–yet not quite now either. Their unbound creativity includes jewelry, lighting, furniture, mobiles and other graceful objects.

  • Round: 8″ w x 3″ l x 12″ h
  • Oval: 8″ w x 3″l x 14″ h
  • Mirror is 1/4″ thick and backed in brass
  • Cylindrical handle is brass or copper with wood core
  • PaperStone is made from 50 to 100% post-consumer recycled paper and petroleum-free resin.
  • Corian is acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate.
  • Material: Copper/brass, glass, Corian or PaperStone