Lacanche Cluny Range

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Product: Lacanche Cluny Range
Retailer: Art Culinaire
brand: Lacanche

Cooking Lights Your Fire

Is the kitchen your preferred universe, a place of creation and recreation where soul and spirit come alive? The powerful, versatile and robust 39 â…œ” Cluny may just rock that world. As a proven performer and our most requested model, the Cluny fits perfectly into kitchens requiring two ovens and every inch of space. With the remarkable versatility of two efficient, fitted ovens, five-burner cooktop and a host of optional features, your Cluny is equipped to grow and change with the needs of your family. The combination of gas and electric oven, perfectly sized to minimize the dryness of convected air, aids the preparation of moist, flavorful entrées and tender, succulent roasts.