LA VIE RUSTIC Sel d’Abricot

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Product: LA VIE RUSTIC Sel d’Abricot
Retailer: La Vie Rustic

La Vie Rustic’s Sel d’Abricot is made with dried Blenheim apricots grown in California’s Great Central Valley and Sel de Guérande, sea salt from Brittany. (see Sel de Guérande blog on this site). Use it when ever you want a hint of that tart-sweet apricot flavor. I like to stuff a pork loin with dried apricots and then rub the roast all over with a little sage and Sel d’Abricot. Use it on pork ribs, on duck, to add to a salad dressing, to add to an apricot pie or crumble, fresh or dried, and experiment with it in cocktails.

Contents: Coarse Sel de Guérande and Dried Blenheim Apricots, 90 grams