La Rochere Set

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Product: La Rochere Set
Retailer: Amazon
Color: Clear
brand: La Rochere

La Rochere Set of 6, 12.5 oz. Perigord Decor Tall Drink Glass

Made by la Rochere, the oldest, continuous glass factory in Europe. The la Rochere factory has been making glass since 1475. Each piece of la Rochere glass is a very durable and clear glass completely free of lead. Crated by glass artisans each piece is a piece of French glass history. Created, still, in the traditional 19th century method, each piece is molded from traditional turn of the century molds and pressed together to create the clearest and most durable glass from France. Each piece is dishwasher safe and food service items are microwave safe and very durable. Perfect for any table setting or décor, from the most casual to your most formal table la Rochere will add that distinctive French style to any table. Made in France of glass each piece is a true piece of art and history from France. French made clear glass/dishwasher safe from la Rochere. La Rochere has been making traditional French glass ware since 1475 and is the longest continuous running glass factory in Europe. La Rochere still produces their “historic” decors including their most famous and exclusive decor “Napoleon Bee” using old world techniques of pressed glass molds with the traditional seams and extra sturdy and heavy glass, producing not only beautiful but sturdy glass in the historic and traditional methods. This is sign of authentic la Rochere glass that every collector looks for giving the glass that old world authentic feel and personality.

  • Set of 6, 12.5 oz. Perigord Decor Tall Drink Glass
  • Machine Made Glass by La Rochere , Founded 1475
  • Historic Perigord Pattern with Crisp Lines from Wine Region of France
  • Dish Washer Safe
  • Durable Everyday Glass