Kuppersbusch Convection Steam Oven

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Product: Kuppersbusch Convection Steam Oven

Combination Steam Oven EKDG6800

The new Kuppersbusch convection steam oven is perfect for anyone who has a healthy attitude toward cooking. Steam cooking can save an average of These ovens operate without increased cavity pressure but still allow a perfect distribution of heat and moisture. The EKDG6800 is also fitted with an extra hot air convection function providing all of the options when it comes to gentle cooking.

  • Climatic sensor
  • Automatic limescale indicator
  • Automatic altitude adjustment (for higher above sea level installation)
  • Clear text double display with touch screen led graphics
  • Electronic thermostat and display
  • 34 liter capacity
  • Roasting thermometer
  • Steaming and non-steaming cooking options