Kuhn Rikon Mortar and Pestle

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Product: Kuhn Rikon Mortar and Pestle
Retailer: Dwell Studio
brand: Kuhn Rikon
Designer: Philipp Beyeler
Color: White

Space can be tight in modern kitchens, so it's always nice to find a handy product that will look good sitting out on the countertop if there's no storage for it in the cupboard. Herbs and spices get the grind in the porcelain mortar, and the bamboo base can be used to crunch tough nuts; Swiss chef Philipp Beyeler has designed a traditional tool with a keen eye for the aesthetic.

Created by noted Swiss Designer Philipp Beyeler, our versatile Mortar & Pestle does double duty. The porcelain bowl is perfect for grinding herbs and spices the traditional way – releasing tantalizing aromas and flavors. The base – made of tough, sustainable bamboo – crushes walnuts, pecans, almonds, other nuts and hard foods.