Korbo Handmade Wire Baskets

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Product: Korbo Handmade Wire Baskets
brand: Korbo
Color: Silver

Used by Swedish farmers and fishermen since the 1920s, the craft of making these baskets has been perfected over time, just like the trades for which they are used. Each Korbo basket is woven by hand from one long piece of acid-proof stainless steel wire that won’t rust or lose its luster over time. The collection includes an 18-liter Bin with one handle, which can be hung on a wall and used to hold everything from tools to garden hoses to apples. The Classic Basket (35 or 80 liters) has two handles to make hauling easy, whether you’re toting the day’s catch or the week’s laundry. The biodegradable Planting Bag (not pictured) transforms the Korbo Classic 35 into a planter, and the Bottom Plate (not pictured) can be used with either the 35″ or 80″ Basket to catch debris and protect floors. With so many smart ways to use Korbo, you may have trouble choosing just one. Made in Sweden.

Materials: Acid-proof stainless steel wire. Planting bag, breathable, biodegradable polypropylene. Bottom plate, metal.


  • Bin 18: H 13.75″ Top Diameter 12.5″ (18 liters)
  • Classic Basket 35: H 9.5″ Top Diameter 17.75″ (35 liters)
  • Classic Basket 80: H 20.5″ Top Diameter 19.75″ (80 liters)
  • Bottom Plate: H 0.5″ Diameter 13.5″

Prices range from $135.00 to $275.00