Knitted Charcoal Gray Cat

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Product: Knitted Charcoal Gray Cat
Color: Gray
Retailer: Tin Tabernacles

Knitted cat, charcoal grey

Just when the dogs thought their territory was safe, the cats arrive!
Here is a characterful, intensely curious, grey cat. Hand knitted in a charcoal wool. Created without a pattern, so every one is unique. These are a labor of love, taking 2 to 3 hours to make, but I love to see what turns out, and sometimes use them for my animations!
An inquisitive little cat spirit to keep you company. Delightful to hold, place around the house or make pretend.

Ready to be re housed!

Approx 5″ long (nose to butt), 3″ high

Safe for a child to play with, as there are no 'bits' attached, but advise 3+ years as tail is quite long.