Knife Roll – Brown

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Product: Knife Roll – Brown
Color: Brown
Retailer: Town Cutler
brand: Town Cutler

These knife rolls are made with waxed canvas which is easy to clean and hard to cut. The handle is attached to a stainless steel bar on the inside to give your bag structure while holding it. Your knives will not bend during transport.

The pouch is detachable with heavy duty stainless steel canvas snaps. The finishing rivets on the bag are made of a nickel silver, which is visually appealing and long lasting.

*Note that these bags aren’t always brown. Sometimes they are slightly green or tan. But are similar to the photos color. Feel free to contact me to find out what I currently have.

**If the knife rolls are SOLD OUT here I might have some in the shop or just finishing them. Feel free to call and get on the list to hold one for you.**