Knicks Cable Holder

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Product: Knicks Cable Holder
Retailer: Charles & Marie

Knicks Cable Holder

Sometimes good things come in small sizes, case in point: this small little clip – made out of metal, with a matte acrylic holding device, that attaches to the edge of your table and extends out by about half an inch. At the end is a small little round opening, that allows you to easily pull a cable through it. When you don’t need the cable – i.e. take you laptop with you, or your iPod, or anything that has a plug on a cable (the options are countless) – the plug gets ‘stuck’ in the opening, which prevents it from falling down. Which means, when you return, you dont have to get down on your knees and try to fiddle the plug behind your table, it falling down a million times and you getting aggravated…

Smart eh? Yeah we thought so too! It comes in two sizes, small is for thinner tables up to 1″ (2,5 cm) in thickness and large is for a table up to 1.75″ (4,5 cm) in thickness. So get ready to organize that cable chaos on your desk…