Kitchen Hook Brass

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Product: Kitchen Hook Brass
Retailer: Everyday Needs

This curved hook hand forged from brass is perfect for hanging utensils from in the kitchen, but of course has a variety of uses in the home. Made by young Australian duo Rowsaan in their workshop in Kyneton, in the Macedon ranges near Melbourne. They use a combination of silversmithing, blacksmithing and jewellery techniques, with forging as the primary process. Their work is hand forged using hammers on anvil and stakes – a methodical process that gradually forms the metal and the piece begins to emerge under the hammer. The process of forging means it allows for simple but complex little objects; Rowan and Saan are able to manipulate metal in subtle ways like tapering, thinning, thickening, fanning and dishing affording the piece a high level of detail. The outcome is detailed and individually varied small objects which are nice to hold, touch and study – they are understated and simple and celebrate daily domestic rituals. Comes with brass wall screw. Made in Australia. Sold individually.