Kitchen Cabinet PX 2 Wood

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Product: Kitchen Cabinet PX 2 Wood


Crockery / pantry on and double door. The meschanische closure is smooth to operate, the doors swing lightweight and zu.Kompakter angle steel frame lined with solid wood panels. Inside equipped with hardwood floors. The wood is brushed and finished with a high quality natural oil product. The kitchen cabinet PX 2 Wood is available in natural steel look Steel – Authentic and with enamel in Pure White.

  • H 170 / B 105 / T 43 cm
  • Made in Europe
  • Worldwide Delivery

STEEL AUTHENTIC – natural , dark steel look with iridescent surface. A matt transparent sealer to maintain the natural character of the material.

PURE WHITE – steel with satin enamel (powder coating) in pure white. The paint surface is resistant and easy to clean.

WOOD – brushed Solid pine wood , finished with high-quality natural product oil (certified organic). The textured surface in vintage style fits perfectly with the style of furniture. The wood comes from sustainable forests and is processed in one of Europe’s oldest sawmills.