Keystone 2.5cm Hexagon Mosaic

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Product: Keystone 2.5cm Hexagon Mosaic
Retailer: Waterworks

From remote mountains to ancient caves, we hand select only those stones that offer the quintessential color, tone, variation, surface activity, texture and strength. Each a unique and natural work of art. That is when we know we have found the perfect Keystone.

  • Small mesh-mounted pieces of stone assembled to form a picture, pattern or field.
  • The collection incorporates Waterworks’ most current thinking about stone aesthetics and design as well as material availability
  • Combinations of colors, shades and textures from nature are beautiful and easily accomplished
  • Stone is the quintessential enduring material, very durable and easily maintained
  • From ancient quarries to modern interiors, stone is the most fablous organic building material