Kenton Sorensen iPhone Leather Sleeve

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Product: Kenton Sorensen iPhone Leather Sleeve
Designer: Kenton Sorensen
Retailer: Mjölk

Kenton Sorensen iPhone Leather Sleeve

The leather iPhone sleeve is hand cut and sewn by Kenton Sorensen in his studio in Cottage Grove Wisconsin. Sorensen's minimalist designs call back to his Scandinavian roots, an emphasis on longevity and functionality creates a timeless design that gets even better with age.

All of Kenton's works are crafted from the highest graded areas of reserve sides from a 130 year-old Midwestern tannery utilizing unbranded male cattle hides raised by American ranchers – a type less than 1% of all available hides.

Kenton Sorensen leather is soaked in tanning liquor derived from oak bark for six weeks and then dried for several days. This process yields leather that develops a rich caramel patina that gets better with age.

Made in USA