Kaymet’s “Original Tray”

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Product: Kaymet’s “Original Tray”
Retailer: Haute Living
brand: Kaymet

Kaymet’s “Original Tray” has been produced since the 1950s. The elegant handles are smooth and effortlessly attached to the simple base. The underside is also colored and has rubber feet at the corners to prevent slipping and to protect surfaces. The Kaymet logo is stamped onto the sides of the handles and also appears on a label beneath.

Finishes: Handles available in silver. Base available in a variety of colors. Also available with rubber grips.

  • 35cm L | 28cm W, 14″ L | 11″ W
  • 40cm L | 30.5cm W, 16″ L | 12″ W
  • 46cm L | 33cm W, 18″ L | 13″ W
  • 51cm L | 35.5cm W, 20″ L | 14″ W
  • 56cm L | 38cm W, 22″ L | 15″ W