Kaweco Classic Sport AL Mechanical Pencil

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Product: Kaweco Classic Sport AL Mechanical Pencil
Retailer: Misc Store

The Classic Sport of Kaweco mechanicel pencil with a 0.7mm lead in a fine matte black aluminium version is a product we love and adore.

Featuring similar aesthetics as its Classic Sport brother, this aluminium version has this mature and grown-up about it. Albeit a little colder to hold due to its material, we do welcome this new addition to our Kaweco family with open arms.

It comes with a box with a original logo and feel which may accomodate up to two writing tools.

There are only a few writing instruments which have been successful in  the market for decades without big changes. One of them is of course the Kaweco Classic Sport. The design has not changed since 1935.

Made in Germany