Kartell Upper Step Ladder

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Product: Kartell Upper Step Ladder
Retailer: All Modern
Color: Blue, Red, White, Yellow
brand: Kartell

The strong, angular design and use of superior technology make the Upper Step Ladder an attractive and practical item for the home. The strong steel structure supports a flexible, durable polycarbonate frame with safe slip-resistant steps. The appearance is polished and crystalline, and with a selection of attractive transparent colors the ladder can even be used for decoration. With its irresistable blend of pragmatism and beauty, the Upper Step Ladder is an excellent choice for the discerning design enthusiast.

Designed by: Alberto Meda & Paolo Rizzatto, 2000

  • Frame made of painted steel
  • Steps and handle made of fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate
  • Slip resistant finish
  • Can support up to 570 lbs
  • Available in four colors