Kamenoko Tawashi Scrubber

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Product: Kamenoko Tawashi Scrubber
Retailer: Poketo
Designer: Seizaemon Nishio

Born to a poor family, Seizaemon Nishio dreamed of becoming a successful businessman to help his mother. His first invention was a door mat made from palm fiber, inspired by his mother’s knitting of the material. After one day seeing his wife clean the house using parts torn from one of his mats, he developed the prototype scrubber.

Knowing that the scrubber would be mainly used by women, he modeled the shape to conform to the palm of his wife’s hand. The name refers to the turtle, in reference to its shape, its connection to water and its longevity.

Materials: Palm fiber

This Japanese traditional scrubbing brush with over 100 years in history is made of palm fiber. It is hard, durable and waterproof so makes a perfect cleaning tool for sinks and bathtubs. It should not be used for delicate items however. Kamenoko means turtle and tawashi means scrubber in Japanese. The name is in reference to its shape, its connection to water and longevity. Biodegradable and comes with a metal hook for hanging.