Kamado-san Rice Cooker

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Product: Kamado-san Rice Cooker
Retailer: Tortoise

The donabe, literally meaning “earthenware pot” is one of the oldest kitchen tools which can use over an open flame in kitchen. This “Kamadosan” rice cooker donabe is especially made to cook rice, by Iga-kiln pottery in the Iga area, Mie prefecture, central Japan, which have produced cooking vessels since the sixteenth century! It has a black glaze called kuro raku, which is somewhat unusual for Iga pottery (the makers of wchi tend to work with the natural color of the clay). The porous nature of Iga clay is excellent for these kind of donabe, since it can withstand high flames, and distribute and holds heat efficiently.
Even though there are many hi-tech computerized rice cookers in the modern world, people still prefer to cook rice in the very authentic way using these donabe.
Because of its far infrared effect and thick body, steamed rice made with this pot is delicious.

Prices range from $140.00 to $325.00