Josh Vogel’s Benches

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Product: Josh Vogel’s Benches
Designer: Josh Vogel

Our furniture pieces are timeless and work comfortably in a variety of settings and styles either as an accent or center piece As always BCM&T Co. uses domesticsustainably souroed lumber selected especially for its durability. None of the components that go into the designs for this line are ever laminated from multiple parts, each come from a single, premium plank piece of wood. These pieces of furniture are built to last several life times. There is an honesty in the traditional, all wood joinery & pinned connections that exemplifies both strength and elegance It is the inspiration behind the work and what sets these designs apart.

  • Pinned Legs
  • Dimensions shown: 5614″ I x 12″ w x 16″ t” Finish- natural reactive white oak (black) •length can be customized up to 6′. Longer lengths are possible.

Available finish options:

  • bleached white oak, natural white oak
  • or natural reactive white oak (black)