Josef Albers’s Nesting Tables

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Product: Josef Albers’s Nesting Tables
Designer: Josef Albers
Retailer: MoMA Store
Contrary to the popular conception of Bauhaus furniture as neutrally-toned tubular steel, Bauhaus designers often integrated color into their furniture. Carrying over principles of color theory taught in the preliminary course, Bauhaus designers created functional designs that can also be seen as abstract compositions in three dimensions. Best known for his geometric paintings, many of which are featured in the Museum’s collection, Josef Albers applied the same precision and logic to furniture while director of the Bauhaus workshop. These versatile tables are designed to work “independently and interdependently.”
  • Set of 4.
  • Type     Tables
  • Made In     Germany
  • Materials     Solid Oak, Glass
    Featured     Historic Design , Inspired Office , Best Sellers , Home Decor , Bauhaus
    Designer     Josef Albers
    Date     1926/27
  • PALEGREEN:23.75″WX15.75″DX24.75″H
  • YELLOW:21.25″WX15.75″DX21.75″H
  • ORANGE:18.9″WX15.75″DX18.75″H
  • BLUE:16.5″WX15.75″DX15.75″H