Jenaer Glas Wagenfeld Teapot

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Product: Jenaer Glas Wagenfeld Teapot
Color: Clear
Retailer: Fortessa
brand: Jenaer Glas

Jenaer Glas Wagenfeld Teapot with lid and filter 50.6oz

Created by Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1931 and inspired by the Bauhaus, the Wagenfeld teapot transforms the enjoyment of tea into a truly sensual experience.

The Jenaer Glass brand has stood for functional, heat resistant glass ever since 1918. Thanks to their material properties, Jenaer Glass products are ideal for a wide range of uses. The benefits are clear:

– Heat-resistant up to 842o F.
– Can be refrigerated and deep frozen up to -95oF.
– Resistant to changes in temperature.*
– Suitable for use in the microwave and in microwave grill ovens.
– Dishwasher Safe.
– None porous surface for easy cleaning.
– Absolutely flavour-neutral special glass.
– Does not give off content substances and making it ideal for allergy-sufferers.
– Does not discolor and offers maximum hygiene.
– Ideal for preparing beverages and food. Heat-resistant up to 842o F.
*no drastic temperature changes, eg. hot stove to refrigerator.