Jasper Morrison Goblet

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Product: Jasper Morrison Goblet
brand: Alessi
Designer: Jasper Morrison
Retailer: Unica Home

Alessi – Glass Family, Glass Set By Jasper Morrison For Alessi.

JM29/2 goblet

Glass set in automatically-blown crystal glass. The volumes of the glasses, for water and wine, are carefully calibrated. They were designed both for everyday dinning and for use in new, sophisticated wine-bars.

Platebowlcup bone china tableware and glass family glasses take their place alongside the knifeforkspoon cutlery(2005), thus forming the first complete alessi “entry level” tableware collection in alessi’s catalogues. It gives me great pleasure to use the term entry level, which i consider a kind of a little of “merit”. It is true that the price of these household objects is highly accessible, but this has not compromised the quality of design.