Ivory Dripless Taper Candle

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Product: Ivory Dripless Taper Candle
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Wilde Spieth

Will & Baumer 10″ Ivory Dripless Taper Candle 12 / Box

Set a romantic mood for your customers or celebrate events in style with this Will Baumer 10 ivory dripless taper candle. Made from high quality paraffin wax this Will Baumer 10 ivory dripless taper candle offers incredible illumination without the mess of regular taper candles. When the special paraffin wax burns it is consumed by the heat of the candle s flame. This eliminates dripping wax from collecting around the base of your candleholders and ruining your table covers and table tops. This dripless taper also burns up to 5 times longer than a regular taper saving you money on replacement costs Sold 12 per box. 81007 IVORY From Will & Baumer