Irvine W08 Lamp

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Product: Irvine W08 Lamp
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Wastberg
Color: White

Studioilse w084t Halogen IRC Lamp
“We have chosen honest materials that carry clear messages,” says Ilse Crawford, designer of the w084t Lamp (2008). “Iron for its feelings of stability, reliability and trust; wood with its warmth and life; and a glass, chalk and plastic blend for its intimate glow and tactility.” Even the fabric-covered cord was chosen for its familiarity, and along the stem, it remains visible by following a groove in the wood. It would be an understatement to say there is nothing slick about this lamp, and that’s exactly the point. A hands-on experience, the lamp stands on a cast iron base with a switch in the center, and the arms are adjusted by turning wing nuts. The light source, however, is a new generation of low-heat halogen, which is energy efficient and dimmable.

Materials: Cast iron base; aluminum; glass, chalk and plastic blend shade; beech wood; halogen IRC bulb.